(read in the style Dr. Seuss)

“The Food Contract Manufacturer’s song, It’s not right, it’s not wrong, It’s a clever way to get things done, with efficiency and speed, You’ll have fine products that you need, In less time and with less strife, That’s the beauty of a contract life!

You need not worry ’bout the cost, nor be concerned with through-put loss, A contract manufacturer will take care, of all the details, with skill and flair, They’ll produce your goods with precision and might, and make sure everything is done just right!

So if you want to save some time, And make your products really shine, Think about using a contract manufacturer, It’s the smart choice, like no other!

With the help of a contract manufacturer, You can focus on what matters, Like growing your brand and marketing thrive, While they take care of the manufacturing side!

So don’t delay, give it a try, And watch your product soar high, With a contract manufacturer by your side, Success is just a step away, you’ll find!”