Private Equity / M&A

“The purpose of building a business…
is to sell it.”

After a brief pause, supply chain consolidation is again at a fevered pitch. 2013 saw billions in new money flow in. 2014 will likely be a record year, with multiple multi-billion dollar transactions, as well as many more smaller deals.

We are not a private equity firm, though many of our portfolio clients are owned by PE. Why?  Perhaps because TMG has a proven ability to influence the perceived enterprise value of companies. Our results have a material impact on the market valuations of those businesses. 

If new capital, new partners, or a sale is a strategic consideration, then the time to shape your identity is now.

The time to accumulate power is in advance of needing it. By the time you need to maximize market identity, it will be too late.

For a discussion on this process, and how it may benefit your business – public or private – give us a call today. No confidential information needs to be disclosed. We look forward to hearing from you.