Frequently Asked Questions of TMG

How can TMG help my business?

That really depends. We can’t help poorly run business – and can even hurt them. Good marketing will only make a poor operator fail faster. Likewise, if business is growing so fast, you can’t even keep up, you may not feel the need for our services.

However, if your business is already successfully serving customers, and is looking towards the future, we can help in several ways. If you are not expanding at or above industry rates, or are eyeing an expansion of services, we can add value. If sales and marketing are not in alignment, we can help. If you are throwing people and money at a revenue problem – and not seeing enough value – we can help.

Each situation is different. Your goals, the realities of the market, and horizons of time will influence what can be done. Let’s setup an initial call to see if and how TMG may be able to help you realize your revenue, profit and growth objectives.

What industries does TMG serve?

The term “supply chain” has been mainstreamed, and it’s meaning a bit blurred. The question is a good one.

While we have successful client projects across many B2B categories, most of our clients are either in logistics or manufacturing. Our largest contract manufacturer is over a billion dollars in size. Our smallest has a single facility. Our 3PL and logistics clients vary widely in size and scope of services, though most are focused on fast moving consumer goods and food.

The biggest distinction for our practice is clients with large scale B2B service business. (though we have an equipment manufacturer as a client as well). If you are not sure, let’s talk. If we are fit, great. If not, we can put you in touch with someone that might be.

What is a typical Scope of Work for TMG?

No two engagements are identical. TMG works at the enterprise, department, project and product levels. Size and scope vary widely. Most projects have both a strategy and execution component. Most all have a measurable economic impact. Most all have a measurable time horizon and quantified results. Projects that lack these qualities tend to either be low value, or are projects where success is difficult to measure.

Will TMG work with our existing agency?

Yes. It’s all about collaboration.

Frequently clients have relationships with providers, and are seeking to augment those relationships with the industry expertise of TMG. We can work with you, your team, and your designated external resources in an efficient and effective manner.

Can TMG work the our internal teams?

Of course. Most clients have some internal marketing execution capacities. We collaborate, fill GAPs, execute or advise. It’s your ballgame. Our role is to help you win it.

Will TMG act in an advisory role to our internal teams?

Yes. Sometimes a client has the raw resources but they lack either expertise or direction. Our roles in these cases can range from collaboration to project management. It can include training, mentoring, or whatever else is needed to fill GAPs in your current situation. Every situation is unique. Let’s discuss and see what makes sense.

What Geographies does TMG serve?

We have clients in North America, Europe and Asia. Offshore client work is mainly focused on US growth strategies.

Most of our clients are US organizations growing their US presence.

What is the first step?

Let’s talk. Give us a call, or we can call you. Send us an email using the form at the right, or send one to, or give us a call during business hours: 760-671-1110.

Based on that first call, it will be clear what any next steps might be.

We are in San Diego, which is US Pacific Time (GMT -8).

We look forward to hearing from you.

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