Selected TMG projects highlighting various business growth and development concerns,
the solutions developed to solve them and the outcomes produced.

Client / SectorChallengeSolutionResultComponents
Global Contract PackagerTo enter a new market sector with two under-capacity facilities needing immediate volume.Implement custom, multi-step content marketing program for highly targeted prospects designed to educate, inform and convert.165% increase in new project revenue. 300% increase in year-over-year new customers. Margin increases from higher value business and new customers for related services.Strategy, research, discovery, content marketing, Web design, copywriting,
Large Scale Contract ManufacturerTo produce a trusted market identity for a new and unproven manufacturer.Comprehensive five-year thought leadership campaign to establish firm as absolute category leader and entrenched competitor.Firm is today recognized as a leader in multiple categories. National and trade press feature stories enhance this position. Client is viewed as an innovator. Their leaders speak at global conferences. They are regarded as trusted and cutting edge with an outsized market cap.Strategy, thought leadership, PR, web design, content creation, copywriting
3PLTo position a diversified 3PL with focus in many areas and markets appears as a category leader.Create end-to-end position, establshing their dominance by virtue of multi-faceted role. Used thought leadership to engage opinion leaders.3PL grew from $135M to $400M in four years. Purchased for largest multiple ever paid for a public 3PL. Firm maintained trajectory and continues to thrive in well defined food sector.Research, strategy, thought leadership, PR, web, content creation, copywriting
Refrigerated Warehouse OperatorTo bring new volume and increased margins to expensive, money losing facility in a poor location.Convert facility to low-temperature assembly / packaging operation for specialty frozen products.Facility PL showed more profit from converted dock than entire warehouse. Facility became regional hub for frozen and low-temp assembly projects. Volume increased. Margins increased dramatically. Facility attracted entirely new customers and existing.Strategy, research, collateral, copywriting, sales training, direct marketing, PR
Freight BrokerTo distinguish an also-ran brand in hyper-competitive category while reducing budgets and spend.Find defendable niche based on unique attributes. Withdraw from larger market. Right-size asset base. Refocus sales team.Revenues and margins increase. Costs fall. Money losing unit become sustainable. Decision to sunset division is reversed. Unit continues to operate.Strategy, research, content development, sales training
Financial ServicesTo introduce new offerings designed for small asset based carriers.Focus on self-described 3PLs with messages tailored to their needs. This "ignored" a large portion of the existing market.New offering attracted a new market and new customer base. Existing market was not canabalized and actually grew. (NDA)Strategy, research, copywriting, SEO
TMS Software SolutionTo take a money losing, 3-time failed TMS Solution and re-launch as a fresh, new marketplace offering.Rebrand solution as unique suite of services, leveraging specific resources of client. Position offering as new and unique, leaving behind vestiges of past.A successful TMS offering that grew sales by over 400% from previous offering, expanded customer base, and provided a valued source of new customers for other products and services.Strategy, research, branding, thought leadership,
Offshore 3PLTo establish beachhead in US market that leverages global position while maximizing value proposition to US customers.Produce relevant identity that leverages the name recognition of their core business without limiting the perceived reach of their US operating unit. The US market now represents a sizable percentage of their global revenues. (stringent NDA prevents further info on this client)Strategy, thought leadership, PR, copywriting, sales training.
National Trade AssociationTo convince cash-strapped state of Michigan to reverse already passed legislation that would devastate 3PL and warehouse operators in the Midwest.Use crowd sourcing and nascent social media tools to create massive grassroots campaign targeted on six key legislators and three key messages.The already enacted tax law was rescinded by the state legislature. The Speaker was quotes as saying "he learned more about warehouses than he ever wanted to know…". A career lobbyist quoted it was the "…most effective grassroots tax revolt he'd seen in 28 years of state government."Strategy, web design, copywriting, PR, social media, micro blogging