Your Challenge:
SMO Alignment

Best-in-Class achieve SMO alignment

SMO (Sales / Marketing / Operations) Alignment is vital for supply chain providers. All best-in-class firms achieve it. Weak ones rarely do.

Weak SMO alignment is a leading cause of new business development failure. SMO alignment is dynamic. It changes as you add customers, assets, projects, and offerings. An ongoing process, it must be owned by all leaders and be managed. 

Well aligned supply chain providers maximize their unique mix of assets, capabilities and competencies. Weak alignment results in lost opportunities, flawed strategies and aborted executions.

Poor alignment is costly for 3PLs and other supply chain providers. Our SMO alignment process helps CEOs and business development executives identify alignment GAPs and flaws that thwart powerful growth and business development.

Alignment challenges? All businesses have them. We’ve helped many supply chain organizations successfully grapple with them. Let’s schedule a call to discuss yours.