Your Challenge:
Increasing RFP Flow

Best-in-Class supply chain competitors receive 3.2x more RFPs.

That’s 320% more opportunities to engage and win customers. Chronic lack of RFPs can stunt growth, raise sales costs, and limit opportunities.

Everyone gets as many RFPs as they EARN.

Does your business need more? Earn more. RFP volume is a barometer of your industry identity and relevance.

Low RFP flow = your firm is viewed as irrelevant or low value

Are RFPs vital to your growth strategy? Can increasing your RFP flow increase your deal flow? Will it increase sales? Do you have the front office and back office systems to solicit and then process an the increase?

We help firms earn more RFPs.

Not all firms can benefit from more RFPs. If yours can, and you would like to know more, contact us. We can setup an initial call and see if TMG can add value to your RFP acquisition process.