The Melville Group (TMG) is a strategic marketing agency focused on supply chain providers.

Carl Melville built TMG to provide the support he sought during two decades of leading large supply chain marketing organizations.

TMG’s mission is to help supply chain competitors achieve
best-in-class business development performance.

High performance marketing makes poor operators fail faster. TMG only works with successful firms and good operators. We help them get even better.

Technology has transformed supply chain business development, but it cannot drive revenue. It does have the ability to turbocharge relationship businesses, such as supply chain. These new tools demand new strategies.

Our Formula: Begin with fundamental business strategy. Combine with best in class marketing practices. Empower with leading technologies. The result is superior business outcomes and sustainable performance.

  • Our Clients

    Our clients include logistics, 3PL, external manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and technology firms. Size ranges from global giants to fast growing start-ups. Many private equity backed, valuing the impact we bring to emerging organizations.

  • Our Promise

    We help successful supply chain organizations become more successful. Our solutions help drive revenue, open new markets, increase margins and increase enterprise value. We have been doing this since 1997.

  • Our Approach

    Work only with committed leadership. Define actionable outcomes early. Focus on GAPs and root causes. Produce solutions tied to measurable results. Provide execution support and measurement.

  • Our Technology

    Technology continues to transform marketing. Powerful yes, but also expensive and distracting. TMG creates best-in-class solutions that enable engagement and business development effectiveness.

  • Our Results

    Measurable and accountable. It requires a deep understanding of supply chain and the marketplace. The client’s unique value proposition must also be clear. We only undertake projects that have a material financial impact for clients.


Carl Melville, TMG Managing Partner
The TMG Performance Team